To enroll your patient, simply send us a valid prescription. We accept (and prefer) e-prescriptions. Please also provide complete patient demographics, diagnosis codes, and any relevant lab results necessary to complete the order.

Patients can expect best-in-class support throughout their patient journey, including:

• Prior authorization support to help patients and prescribers navigate insurance.
• Financial assistance, with access specialists and clinic liaisons that help patients access their treatments
• Clinical specialists that provide tailored care and disease state expertise
• Patient care and intake specialists who expedite the time to start treatment and educate patients throughout their journey

For more information about the patient journey, visit Clinical.

Yes, Lumicera is contracted and certified to receive e-prescriptions through the Surescripts e-prescribing network.

You will receive a call from Lumicera less than 24 hours after submitting a prescription to our pharmacy, including those requiring prior authorization. Lumicera will coordinate prior authorizations with the prescriber and the pharmacy benefits manager or health plan.

The prior authorization process can vary by payer. We will help you with the process in accordance with the policy in place with the patient’s payer. If allowed, we will initiate and facilitate the process, including obtaining the appropriate forms and completing the demographic and clinical information available to us, before faxing to your office for approval. If you are required to request the PA form directly, or complete the form online or via telephone, we will provide as much information and support as we can to streamline the process for you.

You can fax the completed form to us at 855.847.3558 and we will submit the PA form to the patient’s payer on your behalf. The Lumicera clinical team will work to ensure the prescription is completed and delivered to your patient.

You can refill a patient’s prescription via e-prescribe or by completing the Refill Authorization Request Form and faxing it to 855.847.3558.

For a full list of medications that we have access to, including limited distribution drugs, click here.

We strive to get patients the medications they need, when they need them. Our average turnaround time for clean prescriptions is two days.