Analytics Expertise

Expertise in Data Analytics and Reporting

We know you share our passion for serving patients with life-changing therapies. We also know patient outcomes data and reporting is crucial for accomplishing these goals. That’s why we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to achieve your data and reporting goals. This means manufacturer-directed patient engagement, adherence and outcomes data that can offer valuable insights for your initiatives. You also get first-hand access to health plan and PBM stakeholders, physicians, clinic-embedded pharmacists and health care leadership, as well as lab and clinical outcomes data.

Patient Engagement

Our patient engagement program is built on advanced machine learning personalization and is embedded within a specialty workflow to achieve superior results. It is customizable, based on brand-specific digital content and outcomes, and supports manufacturer-directed strategies through robust reporting, data collection for specific clinical programs, and copay, utilization, adherence and retention support.

Patient Adherence

Data Aggregation and Compliance

Our comprehensive patient management system and data analytics capabilities allow for advanced data mining and aggregation opportunities.
We work with a variety of leading data aggregators for the most optimal utilization of patient data. Our compliance safeguards statistically analyze de-identification in data reporting and minimize the risk to our manufacturer partners.