Centers of Excellence

Lumicera Centers of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence (CoE) are designed to better serve our patients throughout their health care journey. The foundation for each of these centers is clinical, financial and service excellence.

Because it’s about more than just getting medication into a patient’s hands, each Center of Excellence is developed with:

  • Specially trained pharmacists, clinical specialists, liaisons and support staff to answer questions and provide disease state expertise for complex conditions
  • Clinical programs specific to each patient’s disease state and medication
  • Financial assistance to help patients better afford their medications
  • Elevated patient care, including regular patient check-ins at intervals personalized to individual patient care needs
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Lumicera’s Oncology Center of Excellence (CoE) provides compassionate care, customized treatment and ongoing education to patients with a cancer diagnosis. We know that a cancer diagnosis can be challenging and overwhelming. Together with your doctor, we help you plan for and understand your personalized clinical care plan so that you feel supported every step of the way. With us, you’re never alone as you navigate this journey.


Lumicera’ s Neurology Center of Excellence (CoE) delivers disease state expertise to patients with conditions that affect the central nervous system. Through comprehensive treatment plans and detailed clinical monitoring, we ensure you have the proper resources and attentive care needed to feel supported and empowered throughout the duration of your therapy.

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Lumicera’ s Immunology Center of Excellence (CoE) provides a fully integrated approach to treating inflammatory diseases. Oftentimes, these conditions can make it more challenging for our patients to stay active and engage in daily activities. On top of enabling access and affordability to important medications and treatment plans, we offer guidance and counseling so that you can get back to living life more fully.