Our partnership with CivicaScript provides an opportunity to uniquely benefit payors and patients by furthering the shared commitment to transparency and drug affordability. With the medications manufactured by CivicaScript, our customers can rely on the predictability of pricing and production. Aberaterone, a drug to treat prostate cancer, was the first medication produced by CivicaScript. Insulin is slated to start production in 2024


Our strategic partnership with CassianRx, a brand of Cassian Solutions, Inc. and a leading provider of patient engagement services, enables Lumicera and CassianRx to provide industry-leading, customized patient outcomes and experiences for patients with critical and complex conditions. The first initiative of this alliance is the launch of the portal, an intelligent engagement platform that delivers personalized patient guidance and clinical services to address the unique needs of the more than 500 chronic and serious conditions supported by Lumicera

Vendor Partners

UPS Healthcare

Through our gold-level UPS® Premier relationship with UPS Healthcare, we are able to provide exceptional delivery to our patients. The special labeling enables us to know where critical shipments are and plan delivery of medications at the right time and the right temperature. Even when the weather is bad!