Best in Class Programs

Best-in-Class Programs

Having the right medications and services is a great baseline, but education and adherence are also key to patient health. That’s why more than 99% of our patients are currently enrolled in our best-in-class clinical programs. We offer high-touch, fully-integrated clinical management with drug and disease-specific pathways for each product.

This includes:

  • Designated patient check points for the duration of each therapy
  • Adverse event and side effect monitoring
  • Tailored coaching and patient education materials
  • Proactive, high-touch outreach

We pride ourselves on being there for each patient at every stage of their treatment, from offering clinical education and engagement early in their care to providing care management and adherence monitoring as they progress through their patient journey. As a result, not only do a full 100% of our new patients express satisfaction with Lumicera, but they go on to experience excellent adherence results.