About Us

Welcome to Lumicera Health Services

Lumicera Health Services is defining the “new norm” in specialty pharmacy to optimize patient well-being. We are dedicated to improving specialty pharmacy care, one patient at a time, through educational, clinical, financial and service excellence. As a testament to our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, we achieved URAC specialty pharmacy accreditation within the first year of opening.

Integrated, Personalized Patient Care

Consistent with our tagline—Care.Illuminated.—we illuminate patient care to ensure every patient receives the personalized and compassionate support they need to manage their complex conditions and prescribed  medications. 

Lumicera clinical experts tailor the patient guidance, outcome goals and follow-up plans to each patient and their prescribed treatment. Thorough education on the importance of adherence, proactive refill reminders, and proper medication use, including injection teaching, helps to ensure safe, effective and timely administration.

Integrated Care Model and Support Services

Our fully integrated care model helps to improve health outcomes by bringing Lumicera clinicians closer to patients, providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and payers. Connecting patients to the best possible resources, such as advocacy groups, and becoming trusted advisors for the patient and their providers ensures optimal and successful care.

We offer providers and payers convenient, toll-free access to support services, including assistance with the prior authorization process. Also, Lumicera works with pharmaceutical manufacturers to monitor adverse events and for support on effective management of specialty medications to ensure the safe and proper use of these therapies.

Lumicera Health Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Navitus Health Solutions, a nationally recognized provider of pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services.