We work with our pharmaceutical manufacturer partners to offer our patients focused treatment and health management education, including injection teaching, to help ensure safe and timely administration and proper adherence to complex therapies.

Integrated, Personalized Patient Care

Consistent with our tagline—Care. Illuminated.—Lumicera Health Services illuminates patient care to ensure every patient receives the personalized and compassionate support they need to manage their complex conditions and prescribed  medications. We provide a single point of contact to simplify access for patients, their providers, and pharmaceutical manufacturer partners.

Collaborative Approach

We work in partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturers to thoroughly understand new products and identify areas of support to ensure patient safety and optimal utilization.

Medication management programs offer pharmaceutical manufacturer partners a broad range of support services, such as:

  • Targeted pilot programs
  • Product launch support
  • Clinical trial assistance
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Customized packaging programs
  • High-touch patient management for optimal adherence and persistency outcomes

Defining the “New Norm” in Specialty Pharmacy

Lumicera is more than simply a provider of specialty pharmacy therapies; our strength lies in providing a fully integrated and patient-centric program of care that meets the needs of patients with complex diseases who also require an array of specialized clinical and cognitive support services. We believe pharmaceutical manufacturer engagement is integral to addressing the spectrum of care management needs of the patients we serve.

Please contact us to learn more about Lumicera and how we are defining the “new norm” in specialty pharmacy.